You can not leave your puppy or dog alone in your apartment, condo or house because neighbors complain about their barking? or because it spends all the time alone and has no one to play with while you work all day? Your puppy or kitten is getting obese or depressed, doing improper things like opening garbage, ripping the newspaper, furniture, clothes, urinating and defecating inside the house because you need space to exercise? ... is very grumpy with other dogs and you want it to socialize? ... you have no one to look after it while you are searching for a good and well deserved vacation? ... you want to take it on vacation with you but the hotel you choose do not allow pets? ... Villa de Perros, is the Hotel for Pets where your puppy will be free running and playing ALL day, will not be locked in small cages, in basements or second floors, he will not be waiting to be taken out for a walk in the street just for a while or to trails where he can escape.

Your kitten will have its own suite during the night and during the day it will be free in a common gym with a secure roof terrace and a panoramic view.

The Veterinary Clinic of Dr. Conejo offers a very exclusive hotel accommodations for your pets, personalized and safe for that special pet in the family, your pet will have the experience of being in herd day and night in a completely fenced and secure area. The hotel accomodations in "Hotel Villa de Perros" has the "Veterinary Certificate of Operation (CVO)", authorization given by MAG-SENASA (National Animal Health Service-Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica) for the proper functioning of this type of establishment Veterinary Clinic and Pet Lodging which is mandatory for all pet hotels, to ensure greater security and confidence your pets will be supervised 24 hours by Dr. Conejo, a professional in Animal Health, veterinarian graduated in UNA, Heredia, Costa Rica, 1988. Pets will sleep indoors in very comfortable PVC cottages, cushioned fabric cots and homes or dormitories for 5-10 dogs with access to the playing area during the night. Large dogs each have their own villa or house which are separated from small dogs, they also have access to the play area during the night to relieve themselves and not to do so within the rest areas.

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